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—lisa g.

Friday, June 1, 2012

the easter seersucker suit

okay, last easter thing... or maybe we should just call this a spring thing at this point. here it is... my baby oliver's spring seersucker suit. okay, so he's three and a half and not exactly a baby. being the youngest, i'll always call him my baby. and what a cutie he is.

i got the wickedly dumb idea to make him a suit for easter. i already had the idea in my head and told him i would make him a suit out of green striped seersucker (green is his favorite color) and he was super excited to get a "work outfit" (because daddy always wears a suit to work). then i noticed the dreadful lack of boy patterns, particularly non elastic waistband or drawstring patterns.

thankfully, i found this little number from burda style. yay for them for making an actual fully lined blazer and pants with an actual fly sans elastic waistband pattern! whew! for a while i thought i would have to do some major pattern hackery.

my view during much of my sewing. he has figured out how to
remove the presser foot and put it back on for me.

while the pattern directions were quite succinct to say the least, all the major construction points were covered. including welted flap pockets on the jacket. the only additions i made were welt pockets on the back of the pant and an upper chest pocket on the jacket. i also added an adjustable elastic to the inside of the waistband, though he barely needed it. he is a little on the small side, but the smallest size on the pattern was just big enough to give him some growing room. when i took the plunge and started cutting the fabric i really didn't  know if it would fit him at all, but thankfully it does with no alterations!

the thing you gotta know about a suit pattern is that the jacket has approximately one billion pieces. plus, the seersucker material was fairly thin and needed underlining. plus interfacing in places... sheesh. here is the jacket alone!

i was a little intimidated, not to mention beat just from cutting all those pieces (some two and three times!). i plowed ahead and made the whole thing without incident! let's just admire it, shall we?

patterned undercollar. because he's stylish that way.

to say i'm proud of how this turned out would be an understatement. common words could not describe my joy at finishing this and loving the result!

believe you me, he was the best dressed three year old boy in the universe that day.

—lisa g


  1. Incredible! You deserve to be proud of this outfit. It looks great. What a lucky little boy.

  2. Wow! He looks absolutely adorable. Good job!

    1. thanks! he already knows how to charm the ladies...

  3. Replies
    1. thanks! major sewing confidence boost with this one!

  4. What a great job!!! I purchased the pattern today, and want to go get the fabric and notions tomorrow to speed up the process. What other items besides the fabric and lining do I need to get? Thank you!

    1. you'll need some woven or weft fusible. if you can't find that, go with a knit fusible. you may want a very light shoulder pad (i would just cut a single layer of polar fleece instead of trying to find kid-sized shoulder pads). if you look at my more recent posts, i made a knit blazer recently and most of what i did there would apply here. hope that helps!

  5. I'll bet he WAS the best dressed little boy that day, and you SHOULD be proud! Well done! He's adorable!


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