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—lisa g.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the girls' easter dresses

i have so many projects to share with you, i'm just going to throw three into one post. for easter (yes, i'm still posting my easter projects...) i made my three girls some knit dresses. i was in a time crunch and needed dresses that didn't require more than a day to complete. also, my apologies for the less than stellar pictures. i took these on easter and it was oh, 40 degrees out. they're trying their hardest to hold back the shivers for the five minutes it took to get these pictures. yes, i meant to get better pictures later but i just haven't, okay? okay.

my oldest daughter, anastasia, loves the color purple. she's not much into the frilly outfits, but she still loves wearing dresses. so i designed a simple tank dress with a long ruffle attached at the neckline. i love this because it is a little feminine detail without all the frill. i added waist ties in the side seams that she can wrap around. to finish the hem of the ruffle and bottom of the dress, i simply used a 3 thread rolled hem on my serger. can't get much easier than that!

daughter number two, sylvia, is the exact opposite of her older sister. for her there can never be a sufficient amount of ruffles! to make this easy on me, i just bought ruffle material and made a simple shift dress. from measuring, to cutting, to sewing to wearing this took maybe an hour and a half. i lined the dress with white knit, otherwise it would have been a little see through.

i also made her this adorable pink knit flower pin based on this tutorial (which she lost after having it for all of 15 minutes and was not seen again for almost a week...) to give her outfit a little color.

and lastly is isabella. my dear, sweet isabella was looking for a replacement for a "princess dress" which has been worn to death. it was purple, stretchy and lacy and originally belonged to my littlest sister, but found a second life and was adored by each of my little girls. to create something similar, i layered stretchy lace on top of a yellow poly knit and constructed it on the serger.

i finished the edges with a flat piping kind of thing out of the yellow knit. the whole dress was super easy and i love the result! and most importantly, the princess agrees.

i'll save my son's outfit for a separate post. for whatever i skimped on the girls' outfits i poured into his! yup, that's a seersucker suit. good heavens, could that boy be any more adorable?

—lisa g.


  1. Oh...My....Gosh>>>You went to so much work! Absolutely outstanding! The sewing is beautiful, where ever did you find the time you must have sewn 24/7

    1. thanks! the girls' dresses were a breeze to put together, it was making the seersucker suit for the little guy that made me seriously question my sanity...


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