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—lisa g.

Monday, August 6, 2012

well, hello there

didn't mean to be blog absent for so long. the family and i were gone for two weeks on vacation for my sister's wedding and i had all these grand plans of catching up on posting my finished projects while i was away from my sewing machine... well plans were shoved aside in the flurry of wedding goings on and general sibling mayhem.

yes, that wedding. the one i expended a half-life sewing for. let me just say: the first time i saw the whole wedding party trying on their dresses and standing together in the same room (and it all looking fantastic!) i nearly cried with joy and relief! not a single alteration was necessary. the girls all looked fabulous with possibly the best fitting dresses i've ever seen on a wedding party.

not a particularly stunning picture, i got basically no good shots.
i hope the photographer fared better than i did.

i was struck by the extreme amount of talent in my family. my sister rebecca (the bride) made all the flower arrangements, my sister teresa sang and played violin, my sister monica made the wedding cake and cupcakes and i did all the dresses and jewelry. what a great family event!

the whole trip left me completely exhausted though. the wedding was in kansas and we live near boston. and we drove (3600 miles round trip!!!). after seeing the prices of plane tickets for a family of six, we decided to make a road trip of it. while i wasn't particularly thrilled at the thought of driving with four young children, it was exciting to see so many amazing sights. and the kids handled the long car rides spectacularly. not kidding! 

we visited niagra falls, ny...

the st. louis arch in missouri...

drove through the appalachian mountains in virginia...

and spent a morning sightseeing in washington, dc.

kansas was... well kansas. the 105-108 (F) daily temperatures were brutal to say the least. however, it was a small price to pay to get to see family and long-time friends.

in my last post, i promised some information on how to sew french seams for the pocket bags of my thurlow shorts (which got lots of wear on the trip and held up fabulously!) and i will post that shortly. in the meantime, i really need to get those piles of laundry under control...

—lisa g.


  1. That looks like a fantastic road trip! I have to admit, the pic of the Arch made me wistful - although I'm not "from" there, I lived in St. Louis so long that it's home for me!

    1. it was a great trip! i stressed many many days over everything that cold possibly go wrong, fortunately nothing did!

      it was impressive to see the arch up close, we've driven through st. louis many times but never stopped to see the sights!

    2. There's a lot of great stuff to do with kids!


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