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—lisa g.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

meringue skirt pt 2: finished!

so this skirt has been done for a couple weeks now and i finally get to show it off! despite the fact that i'm not totally in love with the fabric color, i do love how the skirt turned out. if you've been following along, i made a couple changes to the pattern. first i eliminated the hem facing and fully lined the skirt instead, then i replaced the waistband facing of the pattern with my own elastic band version.

this really works out great and provides a little movement. i find non-waistbanded skirts to be very hard to fit. if it's too tight it digs in uncomfortably. too loose and there's just no way to keep it in place.

according to the size chart i was in between a size 4 and size 6. just to be on the safe side i cut a 6, but in hindsight a size 4 would have fit better. not a big deal, the elastic waistband facing still keeps everything snug and comfortable. plus, my addition of belt loops and a belt give my waist the proper definition it needs.

you can see i have a bit of extra room causing minor bunching around the waist to hip area. for some reason i have it in my head that my hips are super wide. hmm... maybe they're not. i could probably add an inch or two in length. i have a freakishly mis-proportioned dimensions.

even though this skirt isn't something i would ordinarily want more than one of, it is so cute i just might have to make a more summery version as well! i love the classic shape, the unique hem detail and (done my way...) the total comfort! plus, it's a fast, instant-gratification project. and who doesn't love that?

—lisa g


  1. Adorable. I'd definitely make another. It looks so cute on you (and that's cute in a good way!).

    1. thanks! since it only requires a yard of fabric and a few hours of my time i'm sure i'll make another soon!

  2. This is super cute. Definitely make a summer version! I've been on an aqua colored skirts kick this summer... I can't believe I've made three..

    The scallops are so lovely. :)

  3. Love your skirt, especially with the belt loops. I've just finished an aqua one and I had the same fitting issues too.

    1. thanks! i do love having the belt loops despite the fact that i hate making and sewing them on!


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