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Thursday, November 10, 2011

11|11|11 corduroy appreciation day!!!

i've been working on this skirt. it's a half circle skirt made out of green 14 wale corduroy. i will have buttons down the front and pockets. i've thought it would be useful to have a more "everyday but cute" item in my closet and thought this would be it for my fall wardrobe. so, what's wrong? i really don't know. i've attached the waistband and i held it up to me and was struck with how bland and plain it looks.


here i was trying to do something i haven't really done before, and that's pick a solid color! something practical and cute that i could get lots of use out of but right now, it's just looking... flat.

maybe i've rushed to judgement. maybe attaching the buttons will pull it together. maybe i've always hid behind loud prints because i'm not confident enough to make something in a solid color. ack! plagued with self-doubt!

please excuse my unfortunate choice in wearing this top with
a green skirt... can we say "holiday elf" anyone? also the hem is
just pinned up, it won't look all weird and stiff once it's
properly sewn!

okay, perhaps i exaggerate. maybe the world won't end if i'm just not happy with the result. maybe i need to complete it before i judge. maybe i'm annoyed by other things in life and am misdirecting my disappointment and just wanted a moment of wow! i'm gonna love this!!! sigh. i'll be back with more on this later.

thoughts anyone?

P.S. in full disclosure—i bought my first piece of corduroy completely unaware that 1.) corduroy appreciation day even existed (every november 11th) and that 2.) this year was the mother of all corduroy appreciation days! maybe such coincidences will bring me good fortune to complete the skirt and still love it? perhaps... perhaps... perhaps...

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