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Thursday, October 27, 2011

last costume!!!

last but not least... costume number four!

okay, i think after my sewing marathon of trying to finish these costumes as fast as possible i started to go a little crazy and get kind of exasperated with simplicity's children's patterns and their bizarre fit. however, i will not rant. i did plan on adding useful tips and whatnot throughout the costume posts so they weren't a complete bore, but i ended up chucking the camera to the side (or losing it under a pile of fabric) and just went for the finish line. i barely stopped to eat, let alone snap pictures so, my apologies if i am boring you!

anyway, my eldest daughter anastasia who is 7 years old, is dressing as dorothy from the wizard of oz. if you don't know, i grew up in kansas and lived there until after college and i've always wanted to dress up one of the girls as dorothy. you know, because everyone in kansas lives on a farm and watches their houses get picked up and blown around by tornadoes every spring. i'm kidding. sort of... completely independent of my kansas roots, i just happen to love this move.

i used simplicity 4139 which really is a nice replica from the movie. i chose to disregard the directions which had you sew the faux blouse and faux jumper together at the side seams and shoulder seams. it was kinda weird. i mean i get it, it's a costume, but i couldn't quite do it that way. so i left the blouse and jumper independent of each other except  at the waist and center back. i didn't want to mess with two separate closures or two entirely separate pieces so that's what i went with.

again, like the snow white pattern, this is cut for a curvy figure! my daughter perfectly matched up to the waist and chest measurements of the size 5 (she's tall and skinny) yet after trying it on her i still had to take a full 2" out of the top of the bib pieces. weird. anywho... 

i'm really happy with the results and of course, she loves the outfit! the kids can't wait for halloween, let's just hope it isn't freezing! right now it's 40 degrees and we're supposed to get snow tonight. why can't halloween be in september or something?

so now that i'm done with all that i can start tackling everything that i neglected while i was sewing. like my children, laundry and general housekeeping. oh, and all the other sewing projects i have lined up!

have a safe and fun halloween!

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