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Sunday, September 18, 2011

but how would it look in big?

my birdie dress is finished (and fabulous!) but i need some pics before i can show off the final product. i've been super busy unpacking and rearranging (we just moved, btw...) and this and that... yowza. what a headache! i will be so happy when life feels normal again. you'd think i'd be a pro at this moving business by now, after all this is my 7th address over the course of 9 years of marriage... no wonder i feel like such a lost soul some days!

anyways, in case you read my "i'm not ready to give up summer" dress posts a while back and thought: okay, but would it work on a grown up? my fabulous little sister monica whipped one up and here it is!

how cute is she, huh? beauty runs in the family, of course.

she used one of those great amy butler prints in rayon. i've been eyeing that fabric myself... i love how the border print adds a nice touch at the hem and the green bias tape is an extra pop of color. since she lives in kansas—in the middle of their hottest summer ever—i know she'll get tons of wear before fall hits.

and here it is with a cute cardigan. i'm so happy the dress worked out for her, can you believe she's only been sewing for a year or so? 

oh, behave.

photos by teresa landkamer

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